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Duster Pembersih Debu

by Gybsee
Original price $1.25 - Original price $1.25
Original price
$1.25 - $1.25
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Duster / Microfiber Dust Cleaner with Metal Handle (Retractable)
Dust cleaner with microfiber material that is able to absorb dust and dirt several times more than ordinary dust / duster cleaners. Because of its length, this dust cleaner is suitable for reaching high places, furniture or air conditioners. The length of this feather duster is 60cm, but it can be stretched up to 100cm making it suitable for reaching high places like air conditioners.
Product Specifications:
- Adjustable type microfiber duster
- Brand New and High Quality.
- Microfiber duster ease dusting and cleaning chores
- Ultra-fine microfibers grab & trap dust & dirt without chemicals / cleaners;
- Holds 8X weight in water
- Great head for window blinds, ceiling fans, crown molding, bookshelves
- Random color will be sent (depend on stock)
- Microfiber cloth can be opened and washed if dirty
-Multifunction can reach high cleaning
Size: Normal Length: +/- 60 * 5cm Maximum: +/- 1M
Material: Microfiber + Metal Fabric