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Keset Karet Mie 40x60

by Gybsee
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Size: 40x60cm
Thickness: 15MM
Material: PVC environmental protection material

The product is made of high quality Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, through high temperature heating and shaped like an irregular cable, then followed by a process of cooling, heating, drying, and cutting.

PVC Rubber Anti Slip Noodle Mats / vermicelli suitable for use in front of bathroom doors, rooms, terraces, offices, hotels, restaurants, banks, places of worship and others.

The carpet provides a soft and comfortable footing effect and is designed as an anti-slip to prevent sliding when stepped on and does not need special treatment in cleaning.

The carpet is designed as a unique coil-shaped function to store dirt inside, thus reducing the occurrence of flying dust supported by 100% pure PVC base material that will not cause odors and is safe for health.