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Keset Mie 60x100 cm

by Gybsee
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60cm x 100cm Rubber Anti-Slip Bath Mat
Anti-slip doormat / carpet made from PURE RUBBER, not a mixture of plastic / PVC, no smell, different quality from other stores.

Soft, thick, durable, not slippery, will not shift, does not leave a black stain, waterproof, oil resistant, anti-mildew, easy to clean, doused water flowing directly through the carpet holes.

Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, ablutions, bathtubs, swimming pools, parks, garages, restaurants, workshops, factories and others.

Maintain security at economical prices.

Size: 60cm x 90cm
Thickness: 15mm
Weight: 4.6 kg

The edges are equipped with a CLIP TO CONNECT with the next sheet.

Can be cut / cut as needed.