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Lobby set 60 cm

by Gybsee
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Ipc Lobby Duster Cotton Set 60cm
Lobby Duster is a tool that is used to clean / mop dust dirt without using water, this tool is commonly used as a cleaner in an office environment, mall, or in your home ... stubborn. In addition, the lobby duster can also be used to clean the roof of your house because the mop holder is elastic and can be rotated in the desired direction.


Stick lobby duster is made of aluminum so that it has a fairly light weight, strong, and does not rust ... so what are you waiting, make sure you have it and feel the benefits ..



1 pcs cotton dust mop replacement with pockets 60 cm

1 pcs jointed split sweeper frame with plastic and join in plastic

1 pcs aluminum handle with hole 1.45 cm