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Mesin Polisher SC-002

by Gybsee
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SC-002, 175Rpm Multi-Function Floor Polisihing Brushing Machine
Floor machines use an electric motor to rotate a brush or pad against a floor to strip wax, scrub dirt, apply finish, polish, or buff a floor surface. Brushes and pad holders (also called pad drivers) are mounted to a clutch plate on the bottom of the machine, with different kinds of brushes and pads for different applications. When used with appropriate brushes or pads, floor machines can be used for cleaning wood, vinyl, tile, and other hard floors and for dry-cleaning and loosening dirt from carpeted floors. Some floor machines use an oscillating motion in addition to rotation, to enable brushes to reach more angles of rough floors or grout lines, and to reduce swirl patterns in floor finish. Floor machines for residential and commercial use have a handle for manual control and wheels for transport between work sites.

Product Features:
1. It's super high power air-cooling motor and the double capacitor design allow a safer operation.
2. It provides a strong power output and has multiple functions as carpet and floor cleaning.
3. Wax removing low-speed polishing floor crystal effect treatment and renewing.

Voltage/Frequency : 220 VAC / 50 Hz
Power : 1100 watt
Current : 6.92A
Brush rotation Speed : 175 rpm
Noise : 54 dB
Brush diameter : 17 inch
Main cable length : 12 m
Net Weight : 45 Kgs
Gross Weight : 48Kgs
Handle Packing Size : 375 x 126 x 1133 mm
Main Body Packing Size : 540X440X360 mm
Quantity : 1 Set unit mesin ada 4 Dus

Main body
Water tank
Pad holder
Hard brush,
Soft brush
Buffer Pad white