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Mesin Vacum Cleaner 20 Ltr

by Gybsee
Original price $75.00 - Original price $75.00
Original price
$75.00 - $75.00
Current price $75.00

a new 20liter vacum cleaner product is present
with features not available in other brands, low wattage and silent mode.

There is no doubt the reliability of the Yamamax brand. please go * gling.
straws are very strong. and strong hose ...
the softest sound among all brands (not noisy)
most complete equipment (see photo)
3 preferred mode. inflatable, vacuum, dry and wet
low wattage type 1000w

thick stainless body with a glossy finish like a mirror.
with the first HEPA filter technology in its class.
very very high quality.