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Pupuk NPK

by Gybsee
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NPK fertilizer fertilizing the leaves and strengthening the roots of plants
HOW TO USE: Sow the granules at a distance of 2-3cm from the base of the roots of plants, (comparison of 1 base of plants 2-3 grains)

The use of fertilizers is not limited to certain plants. Both food crops, horticulture, or plantations, all of them can receive the benefits and benefits of this NPK pearl fertilizer. On perennials such as estate crops, this fertilizer can be applied by sprinkling as much as one teaspoon of soil around the roots of the plant. As for the use of horticultural crops, they can be diluted first, then leaked to plants.

BENEFITS OF NPK FERTILIZER: Pearls can accelerate, multiply, strengthen, and extend plant roots Prevent plants from being stunted. Accelerate the growth of shoots in plants.