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The Chinese Princess (Versi ENGLISH)

by Gybsee
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We come to this world as brothers and sisters, but why must we be bound by flesh and blood? The Chinese Princess explores that kind of human tragedy. The novel describes a persons desire to love the earth where she lives, yet the earth refuses to welcome her and offer her peace, security, and tranquility. She truly believes that every human being was born as siblings. But how come the other earth inhabitants refuse to fully accept her? Sindhunata manages to give a detailed description of that tragic reality. The novel is rich with his vast knowledge on philosophy and both Javanese and Chinese mythologies. He has traced back many historical texts and woven every intricate detail into a magnificent literary work about the tragedy of the Chinese Princess. This piece of tragic literature is filled with many contemplations about life. Sindhunatas clever way in presenting the story will take the readers into a special realm where myth and historical facts blended together as one. History is merely a stage where tragic myth performs itself. This very touching novel describes the tragic experience of two lovers who never wanted to be separated by superficial differences. The devastating tragedy on the stage of history that is explored in the novel will surely touch every readers heart. Dr. Gabriel Possenti Sindhunata, SJ, or simply Romo (Father) Sindu is an Indonesian Catholic priest who also work as the head editor of Basis, a socio-cultural magazine. In the past he has worked as a journalist for national newspapers, mainly focusing on cultural issues and soccer reviews. His most celebrated work is Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin---A Midget Leading the Wind. He was born on 12 May 1952.